October 2012 Newsletter

October 31, 2012


Dear Friends,

"Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the
Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength:"
Isaiah 26:4 KJV

    Oh it is so good to know this as a fact undisputable, without even a
hint of discussion. He is everlasting strength, enough to carry us through
every ordeal and emotion. This month is one fast regiment of busy-ness.
It doesn't feel like it could be behind us already.  But here it is and
today I get to connect with you again and let you know how good our Lord
and God is.  He is spectacular and refreshing in ever so many ways.
We trust you are experiencing His delight and grace over you through
every experience you live through.

             We have a new member of the Cristo Vive Family this month.
On October 25, Dario and Kristin Munoz gave birth to their baby boy,
for sure bringing joy and huge smilesinto theirs and our lives.
We can hardly wait to see him and enjoy his growing years ahead
with them.
         The team in Rio Grande Valley, Texas hosted a super camp.
The leader, Eunice is to be commended for her effective planning
and leading in every step of getting it together and leading the
event with excellence and finesse.  There were so many amazing
happenings there and once again
a witness of God's love and excitement was praised by the families
of the campers as they observed their campers share they experience
of the weekend.  We are confident that many songs of exaltation
were sung by the angels as these kids worshiped God and yielded
their hearts to His love.
               The Ecuador teams have kept busy with setting into
motion the next camp there which will be ongoing while you are
reading this letter.  The team from the coastal city, Guayaquil
made their way to the highlands city, Cuenca and led them through
a training event to prepare for the camp to be held Nov 2-4 on
the coast.  We are so thrilled to see this branch of Cristo Vive
keeping on so strong, thanks so much to our friend and ministry
partner there, Marjorie Andrade and a new star rising in
Cuenca, Judith.  Thanks ladies for your diligence and commitment
to the work we all love so much.
               We are in full swing here in Soldotna, Alaska to
host the first outreach here on Nov 30-Dec 2. We have a great
group coming here from Washington, Minnesota, and Wisconsin as
well as a few great friends from our local community to support
this opening.  We are blessed to have a local church here that
has taken on the task to scholarship a few campers which will
be a great help.  Please be praying that we will connect with
the right families to have sufficient campers.
               The Winter Retreat is set to happen again this
year on the second weekend in December in Osceola, Wisconsin 
this year.  We have a great number of team members excited to be
there and serve.  Please be praying also there we will get the
information to the right families to increase the number of
campers. I would like to ask you to pray what part you can
have in this camp to help as well as making a way for Gene
to go there to help lead the camp this year, we really need
to raise the funds for his travel without jeopardizing the
funds for the camp.
               Thank you so much for your continued support
through prayer and finances. We are excited to see that God
is demonstrating His grace to keep Cristo Vive International
in the flow of serving His plan.  Your giving will go far
to keep it up and is always put to good service.  Thank
you so much for your giving and your love.


Blessings to you and your family.

Gene & Jordana Engebretsen


Cristo Vive International

P.O.   Box 527, BigLake,MN  55309

#763.263.1526    email:cvi@cristovive.net