December 2012 Newsletter

December 27, 2012
Dear Friends,
2012 has now come to its finish, Praise the Lord we are still in the fight. We are so blessed to be called to a generation of greatness in the glory of our God. No time in history has there been a more robust and forward active presence of the power of God’s grace and prevailing sense of assurance of His soon coming. We truly need to rejoice and sound out with great hope that our King reigns and is for certain up to good things for you and I and all those in this creation. He loves us all so much.
We trust you have had a fun and family filled abundance of blessing this season and throughout this past year. Yet we know that some of you have experienced severe challenges with family, health, finances and spiritual depravity. In the middle of your storm, we pray that you have found yourself fully equipped with God’s life vest and shield to take you through those hard and laboring difficulties so that your faith has been strengthened and made real, not only for you but for those who are looking to you for their confidence.
There are so many things to reflect upon we would love to share with you as this year comes to its close. For surely God has done great things with us and Cristo Vive International this year and you are certainly a part of it. Our lives continue to move forward with purpose and possibility in ways that only life experiences and God’s view can express. These things would not have been possible without each one of you who have been standing alongside of us and behind us encouraging us to keep in the action. We are healthy, seeing mighty changes in our ability to sustain our hope, growing in strength-financially and physically, seeing major stability in Osito’s growth as a young lad, and truly able to see increase in the years ahead.
As Cristo Vive reflects in the wonders of 2012, we are excited to remind you of just a few things that have occurred that are demonstrating the joy of serving our Lord in so many areas of His joy.
☺ The progression of Cristo Vive in the Rio Valley, south Texas has burst forward with such great enthusiasm that we are all overjoyed with the happenings there. As this outreach began under the hopeful eye of one of great friends, Crystal Galvan, only hope could perceive the possible outcomes. However, today under the excellent care of Crystal’s understudy and great personal friend, Eunice, the ministry continues to expand and incorporate so many fresh believers in reaching their world with hope and joy. We are so thrilled with the work that is ongoing and well established there that even as Eunice finds herself so occupied with family difficulties, those that she has included in her efforts are able to keep it going and growing for the upcoming season with great interest.
☺ Crystal Galvan, now located in southern Washington State, has taken on so many new roles with Cristo Vive and has been such an encouraging fresh wind for us during this time of being so occupied and distant in location. We are ecstatic as this new phase for her and us develops and is already proving to be such a good reach into the future. Her role as Camp Developer and Regional Ministry Coordinator is putting together a dream that we have had for such a long time to have this ministry grow without its dependence on the two of us to be always on site to get things going. We are so appreciative of the Lord for this new development and for Crystal for stepping out into it. As a result of this new addition to the way we do ministry we were able to have Crystal come to Alaska to help begin our work here and have her go to Wisconsin to assist with leadership and development there in December.
☺ As mentioned in the note above about Crystal Galvan, we have had a great opening for Cristo Vive in Soldotna, Alaska. We are excited to see the response in our local community to get this outreach going. Through the cold and frozen water heating system in the sleeping rooms at the camp, we experienced such a blessing of joy and fun that no one there took note of the difficult conditions we experienced at the event. Thanks to all those who came and did their part to connect with God’s presence and experience Jesus with the campers.
☺ Kristin Muñoz (formerly Gillingham) has returned to the US, Watertown, Wisconsin with her husband, Dario and recently become not only wife, but mom to Jeremiah David. We are so blessed with Kristin’s diligence and enthusiasm with Cristo Vive in getting the outreach in Cuenca, Ecuador moving into a stable outreach during her years there for us and now she brings that same level of focus to the eastern part of Wisconsin. She will be providing an invaluable effort with us in expanding the base and the growth of Cristo Vive in the Wisconsin area into this next year. She will be strengthening our base there as well as beginning to expand our camps to include locations in eastern Wisconsin to possibly reaching out so some of Illinois.
☺ Jordana’s job here has been a huge blessing, not only financially but also for the experience she is gaining through the work with students and their families. She now is itinerating between two different schools to support her students. The details of that transition are working out well and much to the surprise of her supervisors and colleagues.
☺ Osito (Benjamin) is so blessed as he is experiencing a great 1st grade at the Cook Inlet Academy, a Christian school near our home. He thoroughly enjoys the school, loves his teacher, and has done very well to establish some very encouraging friendships with other students at the school.
☺ Gene is continuing his work with the ministry as well as substitute teaching, student aide substitute, and other areas of interest he finds through working through the school system here. It is so encouraging for him to be back here in Alaska near his bothers and tries to connect with them when he can.
In all, we are so blessed to be here in 2012. We are forever grateful for so many friends and partners throughout the world. We pray that you have enjoyed a fruitful year with your family and friends along this year’s segment of adventure and enduring journey of your life.
Though we are encouraged, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that it does take a great deal of finances to keep up with the work that we delightfully do. So as you consider how to invest your resources during the year ahead, we wish to encourage you to consider partnering with us financially either regularly or monthly or on a one time donation. It does take a lot to do much these days and as you are well aware, economic times are a challenge for each of us. We are truly excited to have Crystal Galvan on board with us in a new role and would ask you to prayerfully consider providing some additional support this year to help us to get her free to travel and do her job with great effectiveness.

We love you very much,

Gene, Jordana, and Osito