IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Failure to complete any part of the application will result in an unfavorable consideration for your ability to serve for the time you wish to participate.

All individuals applying to participate with the ministry of Cristo Vive International must submit a completed application along with the appropriate application fee in order to be favorably considered available to serve.  For a new applicant and any applicant that has major changes to their previous application must submit the Full Application located HERE.

Special Instructions for the “Full Application”

  • Name:  Please indicate your official name but it is helpful for you to provide your nickname or a name you prefer to be identified by if different from your birth name.
  • Social Security Number:  If you are above the age of 18 you must include your social security number so we can accurately complete a criminal background check.  Failure to do so will not allow you to be accepted on the serving team in any personal care capacity.
  • Emergency Contact:  Be complete and accurate and make sure this person is readily available during the time you will be serving with this ministry.
  • Are you a born again Christian? If this terminology confuses you, it describes your personal relationship with God and your understanding that Jesus is the true Son of God, your Savior and Lord.  You must provide a personal testimony in your own words that describes what this means to you.
  • Page 3 (all entries) must be completed and signed as requested.  There are 3 separate signatures required on this page and all statements must be read, understood and then signed and dated.
  • The last paragraph of this page must be properly checked and statements provided if the checked area is checked “yes”.
  • WAIVER FOR LIABILITY FOR ADULTS (OVER 18 YRS OF AGE): This form must be completed and signed by every person in this age category.  If you are the legal guardian of a person over 18 than that guardian must sign the form for the applicant.  No applicant will participate in the ministry without completing this form.
  • WAIVER FOR LIABILITY FOR MINORS (UNDER 18 YRS OF AGE): This form must be completed for every applicant in this age category.  The parent or legal guardian must complete this form and sign and date it.
  • AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF PHOTOS:  All adults (18 & over) must complete this form for themselves or in the case of legal adult guardianship the guardian must complete this form.  For all minors, the parent or legal guardian must complete and sign this form.
  • Pastor’s Referral for CVI Applicant:  You may provide this to your pastor and have him/her complete the form and mail it directly to the address on the form.  Your application will not be complete until we receive this referral.

The application must be submitted with the $20.00 application fee to be considered complete.  If you submit the application without the fee, you will be notified that we have received the application but cannot process until the fee is received.  You may pay the fee via PayPal on our website; however you must make that payment for an additional $1.50. for processing costs.

All camp fees paid via PayPal must include the processing fee of 3%.  To pay via check or money order just mail the fees to the address on the application.