January Newsletter 2019

November/December 2019

November/December 2019 November is National Adoption Month! Many of our Cristo Vive Families are touched by Adoption, so we were happy to celebrate National Adoption Month this November! Not only has the Engebretsen Family experienced God’s gift of adoption themselves, but 2 of the CVI Board Members have also adopted as well. Actually, almost ALL of our CVI locations have…

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October 2019

Cristo Vive International- October 2019 Camp and beyond It’s always a JOY to hear about each and every camp that takes place throughout the year as Cristo Vive continues in so many locations. Each one is unique and special in it’s own way, mixing the local culture, leadership styles and camper personas  into  what we call ‘camp’. But what happens when…

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September 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter